Martial Arts in New York, New York

Vee-Arnis Ju-Jitsu of New York, New York, is a martial arts and kickboxing school teaching men and women of all ages the arts of self-defense, fitness, and Karate. Our certified and professional staff has more than 36 years of experience training students of any level, and we look forward to instructing you.

A Unique Self-Defense System

The Vee-Arnis Ju-Jitsu self-defense system strives to offer realistic training that anyone can learn in a short period of time. This self-defense system was created by professor Florendo M. Visitacion, better known as "Professor Vee." Today, our martial arts school is led by Instructor David James, a martial arts master.

Martial Arts from Around the World

Our classes combine aspects of a number of martial arts, including Vee Jitsu, Arnis, Muay Thai kickboxing, and Kuntao. To a lesser extent, they involve Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, and Wing Chun. Working harder than everyone else, our adult instructors form a strong team, allowing us to provide you with the most practical self-defense training possible.

Contact our martial arts school today to sign up for a children's or adult's class.

On Sunday February 9, 2014 Grand Master David James is having a VAJ Seminar involving Striking Patterns, Vee Jitsu Te, Landmark, Dimensions from 12:30 to 3:30. Donations are $35.00. Please call as soon a possible, space is limited. The location is 4202 Ave. U , Brooklyn NY 11234. (Across the street from Kings Plaza. Phone number is 718-252-8944.

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